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Achieve Driving School in High Wycombe

Welcome to Achieve, I offer driving lessons across High Wycombe and surrounding towns.

  • Manual & Auto Driving Lessons
  • Fully Qualified, DVSA Approved
  • Beginners and nervous drivers welcome
  • Hourly Lessons and Intensive Courses
  • Calm, friendly and helpful teaching enviroment
  • Great 4 hour lesson deal for Beginners

I cover a large local around High Wycombe which includes Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Chesham, Amersham, Princess Risborough, Slough and Chalfont St Peter.

Fully Qualified, DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

I am a fully qualified driving instructor, approved by the DVSA to give lessons to all levels of driver in both manual and automatic cars. I am happy to help nervous learners, part trained and test standard pupils as well as drivers new to the UK.

My teaching style is positive, helpful and calm - I like to keep the atmosphere in-car relaxed but professional so that my pupils can concentrate on learning.

I use a new Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris for lessons; they are modern, clean, well maintained and comfortable. They are also known as a good cars for pupils to learn in, because they are compact and easy to drive.

Professional, calm and helpful driving lessons

Your lessons can begin and end at a location point that you choose, as long as it's close to my teaching areas.

I offer deals for beginners and new pupils to my driving school. If you would like to see if you enjoy the driving lessons before spending your money, why not try a taster lesson? A great opportunity to ask any questions as well.

Achieve driving school offers intensive courses and hourly lessons for both manual and automatic cars. I am happy to teach all levels of driver, whether you are a complete novice or in need of refresher training after moving to the UK.

I hope you will consider Achieve Driving School - we look forward to making you a safe driver for life, and to help you pass your driving test.

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To: Achieve Driving School

From: Mamun

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Suvash is very friendly and brilliant as an instructor, and he always been patient with me during my lessons.

He always motivated me that what made me succeed to pass my driving test.

He was very helpful to organising lessons. He always told me what I was doing wrong and where I need to focus more and practice.

I will highly recommend to all of my friend as an honest and hard working instructor.

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Mics

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Best driving instructor in Bucks, he teaches you in a way where every time you are going to turn left, you remember how he said it and you do it perfectly.

He is calm, and the best teacher i have seen 10/10!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Will

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Passed first time with only 4 minors, all thanks to Paul's calm, patient but really constructive teaching.

He knows exactly not only how to prepare you for the test but also future driving.

Great plan for lessons really helps you to understand how to improve.

Always reliable, his friendly nature made lessons a pleasure not a chore!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Ioana

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Highly recommended. After doing quite a bit of research I have come across Acheive DS on Google and I decided to call Paul to book the driving lessons.

He was kind and patient enough to answer all my questions, had a lot of patience with me over the months, always looked for different methods to make me understand if he though something wasn't clear and as a reward today I have passed the driving test on my first try.

I highly recommend using his services - GUARANTEED PASS!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Liton

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe I passed my driving test with 2 minor mistakes yesterday.

My driving instructor Mr. Paul did a fantastic job on my driving, he makes me feel very calm and comfortable with his wicked sense of humour, and takes the idea of driving and teaches it in the easiest way possible, got me to pass 2nd try, would've passed 1st if my planning skills were better but even so, Mr. Paul knew I could do and I did finally.

He is Excellent driving instructor really calm and nice, very professional and his technique made me feel comfortable in the car from day one.

Always willing to help with any issues or worried I had.

Would definitely highly recommend to anyone looking at learning to drive.

Thank you Mr. Paul from my heart.

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Dylan

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Mr Paul is a great driving instructor.

He is calm, patient, polite and supportive which made learning how to drive an enjoyable and less stressful experience.

Having clear objectives at the start of each lesson made progress very smooth and quick whilst also driving through all the potential test routes so you are well prepared when it comes to the big day.

I passed first time with no minors which I never would have done without his fantastic teaching methods.

Would not have done it without you Mr Paul, thank you so much!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Kieren

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Fantastic instructor very very good teaching methods and very calm which made me really comfortable driving.

I passed first time after having only 14 hours of driving couldn't of picked a better driving school highly highly recommend.

Thanks so much mr paul you was amazing

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Nicholas

He has a great approach at teaching.

The way he sets out goals, gradually adds challenges as the course and memorizes all mistakes to later go over and correct has really helped me learn to drive faster than I thought I would.

And he's an overall friendly and genuine person.

I wish I could have stayed in High Wycombe to finish my driving lessons with him.!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Hena

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Just passed my driving test today with only 2 minors!

I've been through so many instructors in the past year and not one of them offered the support, guidance and amazing teaching methods as Paul has!

He's so patient and helped me learn new things so quickly!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: S. Alam

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Really appreciate your teaching techniques - I passed my practical driving test today; it's because of your honesty and sincerity, also you made my day.

As you know previously i was with 2 other instructors and I gave 8 practical driving tests under their teaching techniques, but I could not get any fruitful result.

Once again Mr. Paul, you're the best instructor I have ever seen, so please keep up your teaching techniques all the times.

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Simon

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Great driving instructor. Very calm.

Very good on detail and explains where you go wrong, and how to correct yourself.

I wouldn't have passed without him

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Callum

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Very good driving instructor

Makes you always feel confident and he's very knowledgeable.

Also he helped me pass 1st time, in a matter of months.

To: Achieve Driving School

To: Poppy

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Congratulations on passing your driving test!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Victoria

Paul is a very good driving instructor, I highly recommend him.

I took lessons with Paul in addition to lessons I had with another driving instructor with whom I failed a few times.

Already in the first lesson Paul pointed out the mistakes I had been doing which the other instructor never mentioned to me. Solely thanks to Paul I understood the magic roundabout and got confident driving on it.

He has an eye for detail and really gives all his attention to the pupil. He really takes his job seriously. He doesn't use his phone when at the lesson like my other instructor used to do (high volume on speaker) which used to distract me a lot.

Overall, if you wish to pass asap use Paul's service.

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Sophia

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Paul is an incredible driving instructor and the sole reason I passed my test.

When I came to Paul, I had had an awful experience with a previous instructor who really knocked my confidence. Paul was patient, diligent and really is such a nice man who has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goal of becoming a driver.

Something I really liked that Paul did each lesson was ask at the beginning what I wanted to work on so he made learning really centered around how I was feeling and where my confidence was needing improving.

He's really calm and never belittles you if you make a mistake, he just gently explains why (my last instructor called me stupid).

I can't say enough about how wonderful he is as both a teacher and a human being!

Thank you Paul you're the best!!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Nathan

Thank you Paul from Achieve Driving School for teaching me to drive and for giving me confidence on the road.

We would set targets at the start of each lesson. I was able to practice the parts of the test I found the hardest.

Most importantly for me I could tell he wanted me to succeed..

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Roy

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Past first time with Paul today great instructor would highly recommend.

Very calm and has a great way of teaching.

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Daniela

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe I can not thank Mr Paul enough. He is one of the most genuine people I know, who at the same time is extremely professional. His approach to his job is very uplifting.

I passed my driving test first time and all thanks to Mr Paul's patience, he took time in making sure I was learning correctly and not only that but ensured I understood everything.

At the end of my lessons I never had any questions because during the lesson he explained everything so clearly. Even if you are having a bad day his friendly approach makes you enjoy the lesson.

Whenever I made a silly mistake he was not harsh about it nor did he make me feel bad; he simply explained what I did wrong and how I can avoid doing the same mistake next time, he was always calm and that's what you need when learning to drive.

Thank you again!

To: Achieve Driving School

From: Callum

Driving Test Pass High Wycombe Amazing driving instructor.

Would recommend to anyone.

Fully Qualified Driving Instructor with Achieve Driving School

DVSA Approved

Calm / Patient